By Jennifer Allen | Marketing Representative

While marketing toward SOI continues to provide the best ROI historically, according to the Division of Real Estate, some of the best Real Estate agents in the country can tell you there is still something to be said for developing a farming plan-of-action that allows one to increase their SOI with those they are actively farming towards.

Vanguard Title has resources that allow us to provide you with addresses filtered down to your desired target farm group.  Based on market conditions, or your Real Estate specialty, our filtration options allow you to narrow in on those your message is intended for.

Upon deciding you would like to create a strategic farm, what information do you need to provide?

  • The address you want a radius around OR image of a highlighted area from the MLS or other map, which you would like to farm within
  • Number of addresses needed
  • Type of properties

For more discussion about the possibilities of your successful farm, including additional criteria options, speak with your Vanguard Marketing Representative today.

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