By Louie Hamner | Owner

Our values determine how we make our decisions. The strength of our belief in a value determines how we allow that value to guide us when making difficult decisions. As we practice making decisions based on values it allows us to understand how that value helps us get the right outcomes.

Once our belief in a value reaches a high level, we begin to look for ways to become more congruent with the value. Why? Because we trust the value and know that as our understanding of it grows, so does the quality of our decision making. You begin to make decisions differently and the results you really desire begin to manifest. All results are based on decisions. The quality of the decision determine the quality of the outcome.

We have cultivated certain core values that have guided us in our decision making and have ultimately led us to the desired results. In no particular order, they are: Growth; Passion; Trust; Redemption; Care; and Loyalty. Here at Vanguard Title we strive to exemplify these values in our daily interactions on a personal as well as a professional level.

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